17 years for compensation payout still on going

compensation latest 20/09/16

Urgent information regarding compensation

Micheal Marriot Compensation update 12/07/14
Airport Bulletin 2014 07 12

The 1973 lands compensation act (act still current)
lands compensation act

Noise action plan southend adopted NAP March
Noise Action Plan Southend_Adopted_NAP_March_201

Southend council airport noise briefing notes
120301_Southend Council_airport_noise_briefing_note-1

Compensation meeting Freight house Rochford with Chris Hunt    10-02-13
Meeting Transcript

Compensation meeting  Eastwood Com Center with Micheal marriot    06-07-12
Meeting Transcript

Compensation meeting Leigh on sea with Chris Hunt    07-09-12
Meeting Transcript

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