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Planning app 13/00955/FUL   13/14 small holdings for private car parking 105 vehicles
planning application 13-00955-FUL

Southend BC Operational controls summary
Southend BC operational controls

Economic & Enviromental scuriting committee SBC       31/01/13
Economic & environments scrutiny comm

Plan App Extention to pasenger terminal phase 2 consultation notice     07/01/13
App for extension to passenger terminal 2

App for extension to pasengers terminal 3 + 5 aircraft bays   18/06/12
App for passeneger terminal extension 3 +5 bays

Decision Extinguishment part of  footpath 21    24/11/2011
Decision extinguisment part footpath 21

Airports Act 1986
airports act 1986

Control & development in public safety zones 01/2010

Civil Aviation Act 1982
civil aviation act 1982

East of England Plan

Rochford core dopted version stratergy
LDF core stratergy_adopted strategy

Section 106 Agreement
SECTION 106 Final Edition 30-04-10

Southend BC Airport Lease Advice REVEIW 106 agreement att19220

Highways act 1980Highways act 1980 ch 66 prt VIII stoping up and diversion

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