Court Cases

Court Cases ,Judicial reviews and Hearings and accompanying documents:

Chris Hunt, of Hunt Scott Associates Compensation Surveyor fined over £5000 for wasting peoples time and non compliance. 12/06/15
09-06-15 DP Mr Chris Hunt rics non compliance penalty

5 Stobart Directors face fraud charge upgraded under fraud act 01/04/14

Full Judgment Gordon brown vs Carlisle council / stobart air 31/04/14

BBC News Cumbria airport quashed 21/03/14
BBC News Cumbria Airport quashed

Breaking News 21/03/14

News & Star Carlisle airport in disarray 21/03/14
Carlisle Airport plans into disarray

In Combria Stobart Court Setback 21/03/14
Stobart court setback

Court case chalenging non affective ACC’s (airport consultaive committee legal case to overturn non affective ACC

Grounds to immediatly suspend then revoke 06 procedures
Southend Airport.Grounds to immediately supend revoke Runway 06 Procedures

Application to have 06 Runway licence revoked
App to revoke 06 runway licence

Police help squash £12 million investigation
Police £12million stobart

Peter Elliot wins High Court Judgment
Peter’s day in court

Tinkler vs Elliot court of appeal 10th October 2012
Tinkler v Elliot Court of Appeal 10th October 2012

Engaland & Wales High court QBD Decissioms (elliot Defends
England & Wales High court QBD Decisions

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