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Guidelines for narrow runway operations

Southend airport noise action plan November 2018

Southend airport loosing flights
Destination dwindling LSA 27-09-20

Storm Alex hits airports
Flights diverted to Southend Airport as storm Alex hits

Jet2 issue flight update
Jet2 issue important update on flights and holidays to Croatia and Spain

The Irish time (stobart under performing)
stobart air underperforming The Irish Times

Cllr Mark Francois to back campaign
Rochford Protesters call on Mark Francois to back campaign against airline cuts

Challenge against travel measures
Ryanair loses High Court action over Ireland

Amazon are the only flights at southend (why at night ?)
Noisy night flights keep airport alive 29-09-20

New airline at southend
New route from southend airport to norway launched

Unclean aircraft supposed to be deep cleaned (cv19)
EasyJet apologises after dirty tissues

Easyjet quits southend airport
easyjet quits and Covid has wreaked havoc but Southend Airport will battle back

Parking around airport
Council parking issues 2 year delay

Airport hotel
Staff parking to be drastically cut in hotel plan for Southend Airport

Poor airqulity
Air quality managaement to be declared

Hotel application refused by council
airport hotel council refusal – 9th September

Southend airport staff facing axe
90 Southend Airport staff facing axe in latest redundancy blow

Norway from southend haulted
Covid 19 stops flights

Aiport Hotel (cannon cunsulting engineers)
Cannon parking concerns

Great news for Stansted 23/09/16

Cityjet training flights  on going

Easyjet pilots action 23/09/16

Russian passenger jet seen at southend airport 23/09/16

Online booking scam out of southend airport 22/07/16

New 24 hour direct bus route to stanstead airport 22/07/16

Business park work underway 07/09/16

Italian bergamo airport aircraft over shoot (happens that easily) 05/08/16

Easyjet recruitment drive 30/07/16

Aer lingus keeps eye on future plans of stobart air 27/07/16

Regulator contacts stobart air over board room changes 03/05/16

Airport company 13/05/16

Future of stobart Air 22/04/16

Southend looses out on finances 01/03/16
Rochford is in line for business rates cash bonaza from a new

Rugby club get new home 29/02/16
Rugby club gets go ahead for new home in Rochford

Regional services stobart air plans sale 21/12/15
Regional service Stobart Air plans sale

Stobart executive conduct time trial 10/02/16
Stobart Executive Handling conduct time trial

BA aircraft diverted to southend over Imogen storm 08/02/16
British Airways planes diverted to Southend Airport as storm Imogen hits Essex

Cancelled flights  cancer patient missing appointment 29/01/16
Cancelled flights lead to cancer patient missing appointments

Traffic fears over southend airport 29/01/16
Traffic fears over Southend Airport

Greater anglia rails services resume after body on tracks 27/01/16
Greater Anglia rail services resume after body on track at Southend Airport station

Rochford railway crossing closed 27/01/16
Rochford railway crossing closed amid concerns about plane noise

From southend to the Lake district 27/11/15
From Southend to the beauty of the Lake District

Government to fund flight from southend  26/11/15
Government to fund flights from Southend to Carlisle

Industry veterans brought in to boost airport 12/11/15
Industry veterans brought in to boost Southend airport

ATC Lasham goes into administration o2/10/15
Breaking ATC Lasham based at Southend Airport goes into administration

Southend airports attempt to persuade local population that airport is still on target  02/09/15
southend airport on target despite 99000

Southend Airport loses out this year by 99,000 passengers 02/09/15
easyJet.pre release starment docx

Echo feels the need to support downturn southend airport 15/09/15
Echo rallies Paris flights

Easyjet announces flights to Paris 15/09/15
easyJet announces new flights to Paris 15 09 15

Southend airport set to take the migrant strain 15/09/15
Southend Airport set to take strain from Channel Tunnel as migrant crisis continues

Contrails faqs 03/08/15

Easyjet scrap flights to berlin 31/07/15
EasyJet scraps flights to Berlin

Coping with climate change insurers notes 23/07/15
coping with climate change insurers notes

Discussion paper regional airports APD  08/07/15

Presenter Andy Peters at southend airport 07/07/15
Southend Airport receives from andy peters

Flights delayed in and out of southend airport 06/07/15
Flights delayed in and out of Southend Airport 060715

Environment agency say LSA pull runoff application 06/07/15
Environment agency lsa pulled application info

Party politics will see off heathrows 3rd  runway 05/07/15
Party politics will see off a third runway at Heathrow

What it like living near an airport 02/07/15
What its like living near an airport

New route Lanzarote from Southend  02/07/15
Airline announces a new route to Lanzarote from Southend Airport

Vulcan Bomber soars over southend  29/06/15
Vulcan bomber soars over Southend

More delays over runway decision 17/06/15
More delays runway decision

1st Slovenia flight saluted 12/06/15
1st slovenia flight saluted

Southend airport looks to grow 12/06/15
Southend Airport looks to grow as funding is on the radar

Echo report Huge solar farm at southend airport
Southend Airport wants to build huge solar farm

Echo report 14 plus aircraft diveryed to southend 19/05/15
Fourteen flights diverted from London to Southend airport

Echo report southend looking for more airlines 19/05/15
Southend Airport looking for more airlines

Echo report Essex County Council to let homes flood 09/04/15
Council to let homes flood

Echo report Flights southend to france cancelled 08/04/15
Flights from Southend Airport to France cancelled

Echo report apply for flood cash 03/04/15
apply for cash

Echo report Stanstead, Easyjet has near miss,  colision course 02/04/15
Stansted Plane Has Near Miss With Another Plane

Southend council admitt incompleted drainage from runway extension,
hence flooding (timed data release)
FOI discharge point letter from sbc

Echo repport Airport appoints new intrim managing director 26/03/15
Southend Airport appoints interim managing director

Echo report Flybe cancels fights to Dublin 23/03/15
Flybe cancels flights from Southend to Dublin

Echo report Flights to go to Maribor from this summer 19/03/15
Flights to go to Maribor from this summer

Echo report Lord Hesseltine visits southend airport 17/03/15
Lord Heseltine visits Southend Airport for growth summit

Echo report easyjet shows off new livery 03/03/15
EasyJet shows off new livery at Southend Airport

Echo report Swiss arrival delayed 12/02/15
Swiss arrival delayed at airport

Kate Wiilard Profile
Kate Willard

Things could be about to get a whole lot worse 20/01/15
IS DP world about to unleash its might and invade our towns

William Andrew Tinkler, says regional airpots cant survive
Airport Director says regional airports cannot survive on passengers alone

Tesco drop plans to build 09/01/15
tesco carlisle

David Lister Operations Director LSA departure, (as quite as Alistair Welch)
Stansted directors move to Southend airport after David Lister departs

Echo report 100 years of southend airport 09/01/15
lsa 100 years on

Echo report jounior ministers at southend airport 08/01/15
Junior Minister lauds Southend Airport

Echo report two passengers arrested on a 7 hour delayed easyjet flight 07/01/15
Two easyJet passengers held after flight fracas

Defra slipped this out just pre Xmas! (removing air quality monitors)
  read more under technical Saen Website

Echo report aircraft landing at southend engine fire 02/01/15 (2nd incident in less than 30 days)
airbourne aircraft fire southend airport
Update Police and fire crews swarm Southend Airport

Loxwood Pilot lands crippled Virgin aircraft Gatwick 31/12/14
Loxwood pilot lands Virgin flight at Gatwick Airport after technical fault

Farage on manston airport 30/12/14
Farage on manston airport

Echo report Airport tops christmas (confirmed figs refer to 2013)
Southend Airport tops Christmas flight survey

Echo report Nats System failure  14/12/14
Airport disruption
Flights disruption

Echo report Southend airport new routes 11/12/14
Southend Airport announces new route

Echo report Smoke logged landing aircraft 07/12/14
Emergency services rush to smoke
We had minutes to live

Echo report 11 million business park 1/12/14
11million airport business park plans move on

Echo report airshow back on 26/11/14
Southend Council put weight behind returning Airshow

Echo report Airport achives award 17/11/14
Southend Airport achieves

Echo report  Airport development partner revealed 17/11/14
Development partner for airport business park announced

Echo report Aircraft crash at southend airport 12/11/14
Plane crash at Airport

Russian Plane escorted to stanstead by euro fighter (sonic boom) 10/11/14
Russian Planes

Burnham Solar Farm Planning application

Maldon District Council Airport object to solar farm in Burnham
Airport object to proposed Burnham solar farm

CAA Unmanned flying craft rulings
CAA unmanned craft rules

Southend airport claim claim pilots request better protection from hobby drones
Pilots demand better protection from rogue drones  (Youtube on saen website)

Intelligence report:
major power cable was severd at southend airport putting the tower out of action, also severd were telephone cables engineers worked through the evening to repair

Echo report compensation for 10 passengers 20/10/14
Captain asks passengers to volunteer to get off easyJet plane
link to passenger weight distribution

Daily Mail southend Easyjet to heavy to take off compendsation paid 19/10/14
Captain asks passengers to volunteer to get off easyJet plane

Echo report  southend airport immune to ebola
No Ebola screening planned for Southend Airport

Echo report alledged rape, drugs and a murder threat
Drugs. rape amd threat of murder docx

Echo report bomb scare at southend airport 27/09/14
Southend Airport reopened after

Echo report A127 upgrade at tesco round about 26/09/14
A127 at the forefront of

Echo report flood water wrecks car 26/09/14
Floodwater has wrecked my car AGAIN

Echo report Iconic fishing boats up for sale  25/09/14
Iconic fishing boats may disappear from Southend seafront

Echo report water firm blasted for more flooding 25/09/14
Water firm blasted for seafront floods

Echo report we need answers to flooding
We need answers on island flooding

Telegraph report ministers give red card to Environment Agency for failers 17/09/14
Red card

Echo report tax payer pays for Duddridge property 17/09/14
Tax payer shell out £thousands for James Duddridge

Echo report Fog delays aircraft over two hours 16/09/14
Breaking news

Teleraph report Seal population on the rise 04/09/14
Seal population on the rise in Thames estuary

Echo Report SE Toriess slam ‘Boris airport’ 04/09/14
South Essex Tories slam

Echo report Drugs at Southend Airport 29/08/14
Man lands in Southend Airport with drugs from Amsterdam

Echo report Cops pull rank on hotel licence (aviation way) 28/08/14
Cops pull rank on hotels licence

Echo report two Lancasters and vulcan 22/08/14
Lancaster Bombers and Vulcan at Southend Airport

Echo report Battle of Britain 22/08/14
Battle of Britain flight at Southend Airport

Echo report  Soutend airport needs parking 22/08/14
Southend Airport passengers need new parking spot

South Essex news report southend footpath 36 inquiry
Inquiry to decide on Southend Airport footpath

Echo report Flybee adds more flights to france 30/07/14
More flights to france

Private jet escorted into stanstead with fighter jet accompanyment
private jet escorted fighter planes

BTO report over estuary airport
BTO report thames airport rr657

Echo report new euro flights from southend airport 10/07/14
new euro flights

Echo report Plea to save airaide tunnels 10/07/14
Plea to save air raid tunnels

Echo report £155,000,000 boost for roads
155million boost for roads and transport in South Essex

Echo report cats attracted to de icer/antifreeze 07/07/14
Warning over cats killed by antifreeze

Echo report Swiss flights announced o7/07/14
switz flights announced

Ryanair craft Collide at Stanstead airport
Ryanair planes collide

Echo report departures affected by french stike 24/06/14
Southend Airport flights delayed by French strike

Echo report essex & kent fisheries de-icer concern 18/06/14
Fears over Southend Airport deicer going into brooks

Manston airport is no longer licensed as an airport (white cross on runway) 18/06/14
CAA Manston Airport

Echo report new flights from southend 13/06/14
New flights from Southend Airport announced

Echo report airport boss quizzed flight,pollution, and crashes 13/06/14
truthfull airport interview

Echo report Have your say on Deicer drop in 12/06/14
have your say deicer in brooks

Echo report Aiport director talks woth airlines   12/06/14
Airport director constantly talking with airlines

Echo report New owner for Norwich airport ( is this the consortium intersted in southend airport)
New ownership for Norwich Airport

Echo report plane over weight with TOWIE cast (possible publicity stunt) 110/06/14
plane over weight can you get off

Echo report REVISiTED how airport have beeb removing snow with deicer 10/01/13
Southend Airport ready for the worst of winter

Echo report Fathers day out vulcan at LSA 10/06/14
Vulcan day for dads

Cumbria news stobart biomas fined for pollution 05/06/14
Stobart Biomass fined

Echo report aircraft crash at southend airport 02/06/14
Breaking news Aircraft crashes at Southend Airport

Echo report Lax security at airport investigation 29/05/14
Passport fail to be inspected white traveler on mixed race passport

Manchester News  Stobart swings to a loss 21/05/14
Stobart swings to a loss

Echo report Food agency say 75% infected with Norovirus 16/05/14
oyster picker-norovirus

Echo report Can southend airport complete with the big boys
Southend fight with big boys

Norwich KLM Emergeny landing 14/05/14
Last updated

Manston offerd £5 mil by riveroak an American investment corp 13/05/14
Manston airport

Telegraph report Easyjet boosted by business passengers 13/05/14
easyJet boosted by business passengers

Echo Report sewage blamed for southends dirty beeches 13/05/14
Homes sewage blamed for our filthy Southend beaches

Echo report Rochford golf course share holder fears closure 08/05/14
Fears Southend airport growth could close 120

Guardian report easyjet to use unmanned drones to survey airbus fleet 07/05/14
EasyJet to use unmanned drones to inspect its aircraft

Echo report on effluent in brooks (online ver) 06/05/14
Airport washing deicer

Echo report southend airport dumps De-icer into river 05/05/14
stobart effluent into brooks

Echo report flood worries over hawkwell brook 02/05/14
Homes site looks like Battle of the Somme

6 Reasons southend airport is a financial disaster 28/04/14
6 reasons a financial disaster

Stobart inveters Invesco fined £18000,000 by FTA  28/04/14
Last updated

Echo report air pollution deaths in south essex 23/04/14
Air pollution deaths in south Essex revealed

Echo report fog forces aircraft to divert 22/04/13
Southend flights diverted due to fog

Stobart Gagging order on employees
stobart employee gaging order

Echo Report Flybe  scarap flighs from southend airport 15/04/14
Flybe scraps flights to Cologne from Southend Airport after Ryanair starts route from Stansted

Echo Report why thisngs are soaring at the southend airport 10/04/14
Why things are soaring at Southend Airport

Echo Report Easyjet ti increase flights to tenerife
easyJet increases flights to Tenerife this winter

Echo Repot Airport to take up to 5.5 million passengers 09/04/14
5 million at southend airport

Letter from Prime minster to transport minister to abort opening of terminal 04/04/14
Secretary of State requested to postpone Southend Airport visit after PM letter

Echo report Transport minister to open new terminal 02/04/14
Transport Secretary to open new terminal extension

Official notice of fraud charges to 5 stobart directors 01/04/14
copied from stobart whistle blower

BBC report Easyjet pledge 2500 jobs at luton if planning passed 31/03/14
Easyjet pledges 2500 jobs at Luton

Echo Report aircraft crash two die 30/03/14
Two men tragically die in an aircraft crash near Chelmsford

Echo report solar panels for southend airport 30/03/14
Southend Airport install 496 solar panels as part of

Echo report fly brings 60 jobs to southend airport 25/03/14
Flybe agreement to bring 60 new jobs – Southend Airport

Breaking News 5 Stobart directors   FRAUD  25/03/14
BREAKING NEW Sstobart directors in court
copied from stobart whistle blower

BBC News Cumbria airport quashed 21/03/14
BBC News Cumbria Airport quashed

Breaking News 21/03/14

News & Star Carlisle airprot in disarray 21/03/14
Carlisle Airport plans into disarray

In Combria Stobart Court Setback 21/03/14
Stobart court setback

Manston Airport closure plans 20/03/14
Manston Airport closure plans after huge financial losses

Iteractive Investor Says Stobart is to risky 19/03/14
interactive investor

Manston Airport closure plans 19/03/14
Manston Airport closure plans after huge financial losses

Heart Radio Announcment 12/03/14
Cambridge Etihad flights end

Telegraph Report Stobarts Andrew Tinkler in court for contempt
Stobart chief Andrew Tinkler to face contempt proceedings

Daily mail report 11/03/14
Police chief quashed investigation

Serious Fraud Office  called in Face book whistleblower 09/03/14
Serious Fraud Office

Daily mail report Stuart Hyde quashes fraud investigation
Police chief quashed investigation

Telegraph report Stobats Andrew tinker to face contempt of court
Stobart chief Andrew Tinkler to face contempt proceedings

Echo report Southend airport up for more funding o7/03/14
funding boost for southend airport

About KPMG Stobart (auditors) Stob W/B
About KPMG

Airport Ego trip burns share holders money Stob W/B

RDC full council meeting 25/02/14 ( live on this date)
RDC Full council meeting  report

Facebook Whistleblower (breaking News)
stobart farmer brown carlisle high court 20/02/14

Echo report RAF rescue lands at southend 20/02/14
RAF Helicopter rescue takes pair to Southend Airport

Echo report  London southend airport sponsors ice skating event 17/02/12
Ice work for stars at airport

Echo report Priminister sanctions free sand bags for rochford 14/02/14
Free sandbags- Rochford residents- flooding

Echo report southend airport new terminal opens 14/02/14
New Southend Airport terminal opens

Yellow advertiser jobs boost 06/02/14
YA Jobs boost at airport

Echo report southend airport just got bigger 01/02/14
The Echo takes a sneak peek at London Southend Airport

Echo report flybe rescues newquay  28/01/14
Flybe rescues Southend to Newquay flights

Echo report new flights from southend airport 24/01/14
Fly to Denmark

Echo report Anglian water pumps fail flooding grazing field with sewage 23/01/14
Ashingdon farmer flooded field

Report Carlisle News date set for stobarts carlisle airport plans 21/01/14
Carlisle Airport News

Echo report horse and groom flooded again 20/01/14
Horse and groom flooded again

Echo report 1200 claim compensation from london southend airport 19/01/14
1200 claim compensation

Echo report boris/ davis commission/ sidline 17/01/14
Boris Isle of grain sidleine

Echo report Boris Island would close southend airport 15/01/14
Boris Island latest

Echo report southend airport one in a million 14/01/14
Airport 1 in a million

Echo report easyjet drop flights from southend airport from june 1/1/14
easyJet drops flights to Newquay and Edinburgh from Southend

Echo report airport study maybe heathrow u turn 16/12/13
Will airport study just call for Heathrow extension

Echo report Tesco roundabout 3.5 million revamp 16/12/13
Tesco junction revamp

Echo report D Cameron now like Rossi ice cream 16/12/13
David Cameron gets a taste of Rossi ice cream

Mail online davis commission tax haven around airports  16/12/13
People who live near airports should pay less tax

Echo report southend airport in debt to southend council 162k  13/12/13
Airport owes 162k+

Echo report towie promotes new Tenerife flights from southend 13/12/13
TOWIE promotes Tenerife flights

Alastair Welch surfaces at Manston 11/12/13
Alastair welch surfaces

Echo report southend airport returns to normal after air travel delays  08/12/13
Update southend airport hamshire aircraft control issue

Draft ACC guidelines 04/12/13
Draft ACC Guidelines

ACC draft cover note guidlines 04/12/13
Cover note for Draft ACC Guidelines

Echo report Easyjet profits up 51 %  19/11/13
easyJet profits soar by 51 per cent

Estuary airport 11/11/13
Estuary airport 11 November 2013

Echo Report Easyjet adds now flights to cornwell 08/10/13
Airline adds extra flight to cornwell

Echo Report EastEnders film at LSA  07/10/13
East Enders Alfie

Echo report controlled air space close shop consultation 28/09/13
Southend Airport bid to control airspace

Echo report tenerife flights from southend 24/09/13
New route announced from Southend to Tenerife

Echo report Southend airport has busiest year 20/09/13
Southend Airport has busiest ever summer

Echo report airport carpark set to be refused 06/09/13
Airport car park plan set to be refused again

Southend airport issues law suit against avataion way health club
Club contests Southend Airport

Echo report Southend airport support new southend air display
Airshow gets Southend Airport

Echo report Cllr Cutmore (rochford) says people should be resposible for protecting against flood
Rochford leader says home owners must protect homes from flooding

Rochford cut off due to floods (picture outside for seans nursery) 24/08/13
flooded rochford

Floods hit rochford 24/08/13 warners bridge round about
warners bridge round about

Southend Airport voted best airport (a survey of passengers)
Southend Airport voted best in the country

Echo report Boeing 737 to jeddah just misses rooftops out of southend 13/08/13
Low flying Boeing terrifies household – Southend

Fairoaks airport could save aviation overload (ACC court ruling from this airport Buxton win
Fairoaks Airport could solve aviation overload

New PSZs zones come under file
New PSZs zones come under file

Runways to hot Not enough air for aircraft to take off passengers unload as to heavy
mail online aircraft get heavier in the heat

Rochford life Interview with Alastair Welch (newly found ) 21/05/13
rochford life alastair welch interview

Echo report Alastair welch resigns 18/07/13  pt 1
Echo Airport Boss Quits

Echo report Alastair welch resigns 18/07/13  pt 2
Airport Boss Quits Echo Comment

Echo report Boris Jonhson airport proposals  15/07/13
Boris Johnson airport proposals 15-07-13

Echo report  Heathrow Dreamliner fire 12/07/13
National News investigations on the way as a standing drealiner catches fire

Echo report Plane scare at airport 10/o7/13
Plane scare at airport

Echo report 1,000,000 punter through airport 9/07/13
Comic Jeff 1000.000 passenger

Echo report  flights to Bulgaria from Southend 5/07/13
New flights to Bulgaria from Southend next summer

The Gurdian Easyjet stelios vote against 135 new planes  01/07/13
The Gaurdian Easyjet 135 new planes

Echo report, Southend Airport lives up to job 27/06/13
Southend Airport lives up to job promises

Echo report airport complains and noise going down 26/06/13
Complainst about noise SLA going down

Echo report First flight to Newquay takes off 25/06/13
First flight to Newquay takes off

Leigh Time Achive report form 9 October 1960  seeking info 20/06/13
Aircraft crashes onto railway

Airport’s expansion to ‘ease flight shortages’ 20/96/13
Airport’s expansion to ‘ease flight shortages’

French Airport strike action cancells flights from southend 12/06/13
French strike action cancelled southend flights

Echo 3 page speacial 300 m0re jobs 05/06/13
Echo report 3 page speacial Thomson

Heathrow A319 engine damage bird strike possibly to blaim 24/05/2013 (also under vid & audio)
National News heathrow airbus A319 on fire-Bird strike

Southend Airport predict 5 million echo report 21/05/13
Southend airport 5 million passengers

Monday Interview W A Tinkler (The Guardian) 19/05/13
Monday Interview W A Tinkler (guardian)

Benfleet water tower/airport  ILS penetration still developing
Benfleet ILS pertrusion still developing

Stanstead Cuts Airline charges
Stanstead Cuts Airline charges

Tools fall from easyjet undercarriage through canvey home roof
Wrench falls through canvey roof from easyjet southend

Echo report wrench through home owners roof from 7000ft  29/04/13
echo report of wrench through home roof

Flight pathes for a cloudy future  30/03/2013
flight pathes for a cloudy future

Southend airport will not be sold  24/02/13
Southend will not be

legacy of debt 06/02/13
stobart legacey of debt

Aiport Lowers house prices by 15%  28/01/13
airport lowers house prices by 15%

Clouds over Stobart as Shares fall  01/02/13
Clouds over airport owners

Business park three years from lift off  10/01/14
Business park only three years from lift off

SBC councillors investigated for fraud   08/01/13
SBC Councillors investigated for fraud

Stobart cuts 1m of property value 25/10/12
stobart cuts 1m of properties value from directors

SAEN- press release eastwood compensation meeting 08/09/12
Press Release

SAEN- press release  Announcment of name change after EGM 02/06/12Press Release

6200 jobs on southend airport business parks 29/10/11
6200 jobs for southend

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