Defra is proposing modified Option 3 from its 2013 consultation on LAQM (now Option 1) – (Removal of Air quality monitors)

Aircraft de icing recomendation 2014
de Iceing od aircraft July 2014 .html

Airport Licence 2014
Airport licence 2014

Passenger weight distribution
Passenger weight distribution on a commercial flight

ATR cold weather opperation maual
ATR cold weather operations_2011_20

Navigation Buoys Postioned in the River Roach to Aid Navigation

Propylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol de icer pdf

Aiport codes

Regulation (EC) 437/2003
Regulation(EC) No 437-2003

Southend Airport  Public safety zones 2014
LSA 2014 public safety zone

Southend airport controlled airspace consultaion report 09/03/14
SOUTHEND Airport controlled airspace 1393932493_Consultation_Report_Issue_1_1
SOUTHEND__1382346347_CL-4853-DOC-102__Sponsor_Consultation 17/10/13

Cap 168  LSA Licence Document

Jacobs Flood risk assessment & drainage stratergy    sept 2009
Flood risk assessment

Jacobs draft surface water drainage study    sept 2009
Stobart air draft water study

Jacobs london southend airport environmental statement    sept  2009
Evironmental statement

Environmental scoping report 2009

Hacan report on night flights
Night Flights Consultation Briefing November 2013

Aiport contamination ( product used, how they should be delt with)

Airbus A320 procedures

B-727 Hushkits  06/08/13
Hush Kit Presentation
Hush kits 2

Access to european law
EUR-LEX access to european law

Section 3 Aiport operations 03/07/13
section 3 airport operations 030713

Noise policy statement

British Standards 4142 white paper on noise
British Standards 4142: 1997 white paper

Environmental Imoact Assessment
Environmental impact assessments

Environmental Policy from RDC
Environmental Policy from rochford .org

LSA environmental responsabilities
LSA environmental resposability

Aviation Environment Federation Public Safety Zones a case for Change
Aviation Environment Federation Public Safety Zones a case for Change

Instrument Approch chart  08/03/12
Instrument Approch chart

Preferential route chart              09/11
Preferential routes chart

LSA flight charts, Obsticles, Noise abaitment
LSA flight charts , obsticles, noise abaitement

3rd Party Risk Nr Aiports & Public safety zones ( also under “Health”)
3d party risk near airports an 2989

HR and more runways  July 02  (also under health)
HR and More Runways July 02 – PG

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